Steven L. Wegner, Founder & CFO

LPL Financial Advisor


Steven Wegner has had a distinguished 30 year career in the financial services industry. He is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, LPL Registered Principal, LPL Investment Advisor Representative, and Life & Health Insurance Agent.

 His background includes helping clients as a financial advisor, investment management consultant, portfolio manager, insurance agent and director of client services at firms including Merrill Lynch, Wachovia Securities, H&R Block Financial Advisors, Ameriprise, Physicians Mutual, and Investment Planning Services.

 Focusing on the areas of financial, estate and retirement planning, Steve specializes in helping retirees and those preparing to retire with their most important health and wealth issues.

 His practice is named Cumulus Wealth Management after his favorite pastime and sport of soaring. A private pilot with hundreds of hours as pilot-in-command, Steve enjoys piloting his sleek single seat high performance sailplane for hours, climbing on invisible columns of rising air called thermals to the base of beautiful cumulus clouds. Steve says "As glider pilots, we look for cumulus to find lift so we can get to a higher altitude. The higher we climb, the longer our glide will last when the lift ends. In the same way, when we save and invest for our retirement, the more we can accumulate, the longer our money will last when our job ends. Of course we want to fly and land safely. Likewise, we want to protect our retirement assets and our health so that they last for a lifetime." Let Cumulus help lift you up to a higher level.

 Steve's mission is to help his clients maximize what they are doing with their money and minimize mistakes along the way. You've worked hard all your life. Why not spend your retirement years doing what you most enjoy doing instead of worrying about how to pay for your healthcare costs and whether you will avoid running out of money. Steve's goal is to help reduce or eliminate financial stress in the lives of his clients. He wants his clients to be able to truly enjoy their retirement years. If you want to live a happy and content retirement with the goal of financial independence, Cumulus Wealth Management is here to help. This is what we specialize in. We have helped hundreds of other pre-retirees and retirees pursue their dreams and we can help you do so also. Give Steve a call today at 302-384-8381